Sky Blue

Specialist grips service.

It’s that sweeping crane shot or stunning aerial that can make or break a production, the polished tracking shot or that seamless piece of footage that effortlessly flows from inside to out and has you thinking … 
“how did they do that ?”

It used to be that the cost of a Technocrane and rigging crew, or Helicopter, pilot and Wescam operator were the domain of feature films. Not any more! Enter Sky Blue our specialist grips service

Blue Multimedia Ltd has invested in not only camera drone hardware, pilot training and accreditation but R&D into an ultra-light 4K carbon fibre 8 Mt crane system, capturing footage that up to now would have blown the budget!

The Reach carbon crane: We developed the Reach utilising drone camera technology the 4K camera head is fully gyro stabilised and can be remotely framed with both a touch screen and GPS/wifi. With an 8Mt Telescopic boom and a set-up time of minutes unlike a Drone it is totally silent in operation and safe used close to a presenter or actor.

Drone Cameras: With a fleet of 4 Drones and talented pilot / operators we are able to produce stunning aerial 4K footage both quickly and safely. The industry leading DJI Inspire is capable of long range flight in less than favourable weather conditions whilst the diminutive DJI Mavic Pro offers amazing agility, low noise and a super quick deployment time.  All our pilots are both CAA certified for commercial use and fully insured. Coming soon, we are currently testing and infrared FLIR camera for agricultural mapping and IR spectrum survey work.