Script to screen

Content creation

Alongside the OB’s, Blue can offer a Script to Screen production service. Taking your idea and turning it into quality 4K video productions, ready for the Net or TV.
With the use of our Sony FS7 4k broadcast camera we can make your content ready for Netflix. Blue has got multiple cutting edge edit suites, that allows us to offer clients a fast and efficient post production process.
No project is too big or too small for Blue, from shooting content for a YouTube channel, to being involved in the production of a feature film. Blue has got you covered.
In addition to our Script to Screen service we can offer a content management service for the likes of YouTube and Instagram. Taking the stress off content creators with Blue handling all the large files, descriptions, and even if required posting at the perfect time.

Live Streaming

Another service that Blue brings to the table is Live Streaming, we like to break this down into two types of Live stream.
The first being “open” where it would be a live stream of an event that is being Broadcast to streaming platforms that don’t use a paywall such as YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitch, where you can reach the maximum amount of your audience.
The Second being “closed” this is a lot more of an intimate way of streaming using platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft teams and Google hangouts. Uses being, a private lecture, a corporate award ceremony or a live demonstration that is invite only.
With the use of a combination of our broadcast cameras, 5G modems and high end streaming equipment like our Black magic Web Presenter, we can live stream from almost anywhere.