Outside Broadcast & IMAG

Live is at the heart of Blue’s DNA and we do it well. With our two main production units and with 3 rigs now on the road this year. Typical use cases are the Larger PPU2r and forthcoming HD3r are used for live events typically with 5 or 6 cameras and a 3 to 4 man crew, over the past few years it has been deployed for music event’s as diverse as Kylie Minogue and The Kaiser Chiefs, Large product launches and an Extreme sports motorcycle show. 
Whilst the smaller PPU4r has been deployed with its 2 man crew and 3 or 4 camera configuration for several Corporate events / awards shows, TED lecture style live streams and Live theatre work notably in 2016 for the 4th year “An audience with Sir Roger Moore” live tour.          

Our base “in house” equipment line up is as follows:

Broadcast cameras: These can be mixed and matched across both rigs:

Robotic. 6 X Sony BRC H700, 2 X Sony BRC Z700, 3 X Sony BRC H330.
POV cameras 2 X Panasonic three 1/3-type CMOS sensor HD Minicam.
EFP / ENG Cameras 2 X Sony PMW 300,  with 2 X Lens extenders.

Portable production units:

BMM PPU2r and PPU3r. Is a 12 channel custom built TV and Streaming studio in a single flight case able to be either van mounted ( Merc Vito) or de-mounted for ‘in venue’ use. It features a fully expanded Sony BRS 2000 vision mixer with full robotic camera control, dual Multiview OLED monitors, 12 channel QSC touchmix audio with wireless remote control, Digital video recorders, HD video streamer, intercom and tally system and a full ‘Playback Pro’ digital media playout unit. The PPU also has on board a Matrox Live Link unit allowing the inclusion of live streamed content from Skype or iMessage etc. to be mixed into the Live program.

BMM PPU3r. Based around the new Sony AWS-750 Anycast Touch this single 5 input, compact and air transportable unit eliminates the need for any of the hardware typically required for professional live streaming. It includes a video switcher, streaming media encoder, recorder, audio mixer, titler, remote camera controller and supports multiple monitors. The Anycast Touch allows for seamless video mixing between a number of video sources including digital media playback. You can record up to ten hours of video and audio on the internal SSD, create and add graphics elements to the image, control connected remote robotic cameras, perform multiple effects and wipes to enhance the production and instant streaming of media over a WAN or the Internet.  Additionally, a fully functioned six channel audio mixer is provided for a separate audio mix.

Grips and Connectivity: Common to both systems we use custom made armoured cable reels to carry HD video, audio, robotic control and internet connectivity. This custom solution has been designed with the experience of many years specialising in live production, allowing for rapid and clean setups and outs. We carry a range of innovative grips solutions that minimise the visual impact of video production and of course the extensive use of robotic head cameras reduces both crew requirements and overheads.